If a man has pains in his groin (left or right), the most likely cause of this symptom is an inguinal hernia. There is a similar phenomenon, when due to a slight local weakening of supporting tissue bowel loops slip in the groin abdomen. Suffer from this disease and women, but this happens infrequently for the following reasons:

- the presence of the most powerful local muscle tissue;
- the lack of the spermatic cord;
- the inguinal gap women are more narrow.

A clear sign of a hernia is the appearance of pain in the groin together with swelling in this region. More pronounced this phenomenon is in a standing position. When pain in the groin should immediately seek help in specialized medical institution. Timely treatment is the key to health.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are designed to produce immunological control and filter the lymph. Therefore, they are often the first to suffer when the penetration into the human body any infection. If sore lymph node in your groin is noted to increase in size and compaction, this suggests that the health of the organism is threatened. As a rule, the lymph nodes become inflamed a specific group – it depends on what part is the pathological focus. Such inflammation in the groin can be a symptom of primary stage syphilis, cancer, diseases of the genitourinary system, sexually transmitted diseases, fungal infections of the lower extremities.

Possible causes for pain in the groin

Groin pain in women in left pane can be a symptom of various diseases:

1. Ectopic pregnancy. The pain is cramping urgency with the possible increase in sensations.

2. Parametritis, adnexitis, oophoritis. Sharp pain in the groin observed when inflammation of the appendages, is an increase in body temperature, pain in the period palpation of the abdomen.

3. Torsion or a ruptured cyst of the left ovary. This condition is accompanied by severe and sharp pain in the groin, impaired General condition (a drop in blood pressure, increased body temperature, vomiting).

4. Pathology of the intestines of various kinds (cancer of the sigmoid, of the colon or rectum, flatulence, diverticulitis, intestinal obstruction).

In addition the cause of pain in the right groin could become a stone in the ureter. This disease has an acute and sudden nature. Therefore do not postpone visit to the doctor. A qualified specialist is able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.