To pay a fine for traffic violations in the Bank, you via the Internet and via SMS. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Payment of traffic fines via the Internet

This is perhaps the quickest method of payment of fines.

Payment can be made via:

- the official website of the traffic police;

portal of public services;

- Sberbank Online;

- Yandex.Money;

- WebMoney;

- QIWI-purse;

- Деньги

To pay fines online, you must fill out a form on the site, and to transfer funds. Of course, on the selected resource, you must have opened the account, the balance of which should make money.

When paying you must include the number issued by the DPS employee of the decision (receipt). Room ensures the correct display of payment in the accounting systems.


Payment via Internet will save you from standing in queues.


The Commission, with this method of payment can be much higher than if you pay in cash the Bank. No website can provide information on receipt of payment. The only way to find out – apply in person at the STSI.

Payment of traffic fines via SMS

For payment via SMS should register on the service uniform mobile platform (EMP). To do this, send a message with the text "servire" to the short number 7377.

To learn about the fine in two ways:

- driving license (WOO) by sending to the number 7377 message "the penalty Series WU Number WU" (for example, "fine 55ва123456");

- the certificate of registration of the vehicle (STS), sending the message to the number 7377 with the text "fine the serial Number of STS (for example, "fine 77бб123456").


To pay by this method you can quickly, even if you do not have a virtual wallet or Bank card.


For payment of the fine through SMS you will have to pay a sizeable Commission to the service and the mobile operator. It is usually from 5 to 10%. In addition, the final payment amount will be known only after the payment. Of payment status will be available only in STSI.

Payment of traffic police fines through the Bank

Fines for traffic violations can be paid at any commercial Bank. The list of banks that are connected to GIS GMP, can be found on the website of the Federal Treasury. In addition, to pay the fine at a Bank without a fee will not work. Now one fine, she is about 30-40 rubles.


In the Bank you will immediately be given a receipt.


As a rule, in many banks there are long queues, that can turn into big waste of time.