You will need
  • Computer;
  • receipt;
  • mobile phone;
  • terminals Qiwi.
The easiest way to pay your traffic fines to go to the savings Bank there to give their blood. But this method is only possible in case, if you have on hand receipt with the details on payment. Typically, this paper comes to the violator by mail. The questions remain for those who do not live at the place of residence and, accordingly, letters not received.
If the address of residence and registration of the offender vary, he needs to use the Internet. On the website of the traffic police, as well as on the website services, you can find information on the penalties. It is enough in the fields to drive their data (most often driver's license number and number of certificate on registration of the machine). The system will give you all the information and will print the required receipt.
It is worth considering that the penalty payment through savings Bank has such a lack of interest for the operator. I.e. in addition to the amount of the fine you have to pay about 30 p.
To pay the fine through online banking. Large banks in their online systems have long been introduced to the field – "Payment of fines". Just go to the section indicate all required information and confirm the payment. Money withdrawals made with your Bank card. As a confirmation of the payment, the system will offer you a receipt that you will always be able to print.
To pay traffic fines and using the mobile phones. To do this, the system of payment to include all information for the payment number of the resolution, the date, complete the section in the payer. After you have to choose your payment method – debit mobile phone number and confirm the transaction. The money will be written off quickly, and the penalty will be considered successfully repaid.
To pay by credit card your penalty you can and on the website of the traffic police, and public services. To do this you need to go to the appropriate section, complete all required information and choose a payment method. A check will be sent to your email.
Alternatively, you can pay debts through terminals Qiwi and others. Select the menu section "Payment of fines", enter all the required information and click pay. If you have the money in the account, you will be able to do it immediately. If there is no money, first they need to put. Follow the system prompts. It will not take you much time.