What are the traffic fines can be paid at a discount of 50 percent

From January 1, 2016 came into force Vladimir Putin signed a Federal Law under which drivers can pay traffic fines at a discount of 50 percent. The reason for its adoption have become fairly low rate of repayment of debts for the last time, and new benefits will allow owners of vehicles with ease and in time to make the penalty fees at a discount.

50% discount given to drivers who have committed a minor offence (the number of such violations, according to statistics, approximately 80% of all punishable by fine deeds). Minor will be deemed to be any offences, except driving while intoxicated, refusal of medical examination, re-laid excess of speed, departure on an oncoming lane, causing the injury of moderate or mild severity, and some others.

To be sure, can you pay traffic fines at a discount of 50 percent, you need to carefully read your prescribed penalty decision. It in the case falling under the law the offense must be a PostScript about the availability of discounts. 50% discount is only valid for 20 days from the date of discharge of the Protocol. With the onset of the 21st day, the penalty will have to pay in full.

How to pay the fine with 50% discount

Today there are many simple and affordable ways to repay the debt through the Internet. First of all, it can be done on the portal of state services, if you are a registered user. In fact, the same principle works the official website of the traffic police. Navigating to the payment of fines for traffic violations and entering the number of penalty Protocol, you will see the available methods of online payment. The fastest of them – pay with a credit card by filling out information about the owner, it will be charged the correct amount (if the payment is made in a 20-day period, respectively, will be considered at 50% discount).

A useful resource for the payment of fines traffic police is the service "Yandex.Fines" from the popular Internet search engine. First, you can quickly inquire about all outstanding debts and not only on the number of orders, but also on the driver's license, passport, etc. secondly, you will learn the exact timing of the payment of fines, the presence or absence of discounts. Third, in addition to Deposit funds via Bank card you can pay off the fine through the system "Yandex.Money." Remember that you can always pay fines at any branch of the savings Bank and directly at the local branch of the traffic police.