Check with your servicing Bank is it possible to pay fines traffic police through an ATM. It is also necessary to clarify the cost of this service. If it is not provided by the Bank, you can use the ATM of another credit institution, for example, "Sberbank of Russia". Note that there will be an additional fee for service.
Will get traffic Ordinance or the Protocol on administrative offense, indicating the fine. For payment, you will need the number of this document.
Insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN and select writing language. Make sure you have enough cash in the account to pay the fine. Go to "Balance". Exit to the main menu of the ATM and select the "Payments" or "Payment services". Look for "Taxes, fines, donations" and click on the "pay traffic fines".
Dial the number of the Protocol or of the decision on payment of the fine. May also need a driver's license number. Click "Continue". After that, the screen to receive the full information about the fine. Check the fit to the data. If the system does not found the desired information, it is possible the data on fines has not yet entered into the database. Try to pay for it later.
Click the "Pay" button, if the penalty was correct. Your account will be charged the appropriate sum of money. Will receive a receipt confirming the operation it Should be noted that the payment of the fine will go to the database of traffic police within one day.
Use the services of "Mobile banking" or "Internet banking" for payment of the fine. In this case, you do not need to look for an ATM, but enough to send a TEXT message with the relevant code or perform the operation via computer. Specify the conditions of providing the service directly to the branch Bank.