Fines paid by order of the receipts issued by the officials of the traffic police, which revealed the violation of traffic Regulations of Russia and the resolutions on cases on administrative offenses by the courts.
To pay the fine at any branch of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation in two ways.

The first option is payment through the terminal. In this case, going through the menu of the payment terminal, select "pay an administrative fine". Next, you will choose from a list of division of traffic police who issued a fine. After that, type in appropriate fields the series resolution, the number and date of its adoption. In addition, you will need to enter the amount of the fine and, finally, to make the terminal the required sum of money by paper bills. Through the terminal to pay the fine by order of receipt.

Please note that Sberbank takes a fee per transaction to transfer the paid amount of the fine to the state budget. Therefore, the terminal need to make the amount greater than specified in the resolution, exactly the amount of Bank interest.
A variant of the second. To pay the fine you can also via operating officer (operator) by contacting the corresponding window of the Bank branch. It is necessary to have only a court order (or order receipt by officials of traffic police) and the needed amount of money. A document certifying your identity is not required. In this case, you will also have to pay the Bank Commission.
The choice of method of payment you do, Bank employees have no right to insist that you have used a payment terminal. In both cases, don't forget to obtain and keep a receipt (receipt) – the main proof of the repayment penalty and the execution of the decision on its imposition.