Use the official website of the traffic police of the MIA of Russia. Visit the page top of the page, select "Drivers", in the opened menu, click the "Violations and fines".
On the page that appears, select "Address and a receipt". Here you can get information about their finex for administrative offences in the field of traffic.
Select your region or the region in which the offence took place. Then select the Department, a police officer who made the decision.
View information about the unit and if you need advice, call the desired number. On the page you will see all the necessary details for payment of the fine, which can be used if, for example, took a receipt in the Bank.
There are fields below, filling it out, you will be able to print a receipt for the payment. Enter their surname, name and patronymic, the address and the amount of the fine (if you know the number of the resolution, and enter it, but it's optional). Visit a receipt will appear which you can safely go to the Bank for payment of the penalty for the offense.
If you do not have access to the Internet, the problem of payment of fines in case of loss of the receipt can also be solved. Take a driver's license, vehicle documents and go to the nearest branch of the traffic police. To give aid of this kind, they are not entitled to, so give them the documents, and after searching in the database you can either give a receipt or give you a number of the decision on the offence details and the amount of the fine, with which you will be able to fill out a form on their own in any Bank.
Another option: just forget about the fine at the right time he let you know. Either you will receive by mail the decision of bailiffs on debt, or come to the bailiff, who demands your debt on the spot. But it is better not to delay and to expend a little effort to pay the fines.