You will need
  • receipt with Bank details and a payment amount;
  • - cash for the payment of the fine or the balance of a Bank account that covers the payment;
  • - computer and Internet access when you pay from your account through Internet banking.
In most cases, a receipt with the details and amount of the penaltyand is sent to the home address of the offender. It may be accompanied by a letter stating the payment deadline.
With this paper is to go to the nearest branch of the savings Bank with a sufficient amount of cash and make the payment.
Sufficient for payment will be the amount of the penalty. In this case, the details can be found in the SAI or the consultant of the branch of Sberbank of Russia.
The possibility of payment through another Bank it is necessary to specify directly in it or OU GAI, issued a fine (or other nearest to the place of residence or stay, for example, where is registered your vehicle).
Subject to availability to make a payment from your Bank account, contact the operator or use the Internet client.
In the first case, you will be required to present to the Bank employee passport and report details the amount and purpose of payment.
The second you enter the necessary data via the interface system Bank-client and give the command for payment. If necessary, use additional identifiers (code with scratch cards, payment password, etc.).
After payment via Bank-client you will have to visit a branch of its credit institution to obtain its confirmation marked by the Bank in case of disputes.