You will need
  • - Ordinance violation in which the banking details;
  • Fax;
  • - the photocopier.
Together with the decision on the violation and prepared by money go to the nearest Bank and pay the fine. Despite the fact that the term of payment indicated on the payment document is thirty days, in the banks nobody will see it and you quietly printout payment.
Find the nearest place where there are Photocopying facilities. Make a copy of the paid receipt, after chego brought it to your branch of the traffic police. If you don't want to be there once again, or simply you have no time for such long trips – send a copy of the receipt to the Department by Fax.
Know and remember that if you have not paid the fine within a year from the moment of issuing of the decision on the infringement and its entry into force – this regulation expires and shall not be enforceable. But the above article of the administrative code only works if you refuse to pay the fine, and the blame lies with the bailiffs.