You will need
  • the decision to pay the fine, a receipt, a map of the savings Bank.
You can pay the fine at any branch of the savings Bank through the cashier in the window "Receive payments". You need to get the appropriate receipt, referring to the employee of the savings Bank in the hall, and if not on the spot, to the cashier.
You must have a decree for payment of the fine. It will contain details of the recipient organization, they can be on the title and the stamp on the back. You need to fill the name of the payee (not the Bank name, and the recipient body, for example, the FSA in the Tambov region), was of the payee, the account number of the recipient, i.e. Bank account.
In the column "name of payment" write "fine". You must also fill in the BIC of the beneficiary Bank and its name, to indicate the separation, if, for example, GRKC GU Bank of Russia in the Tambov region, Tambov.
Complete full name of the payer. The payer is indicated in the resolution as "a citizen who has committed an offence". Complete address of the place of residence of an offender for registration. Then specify the payment amount, check number and signature. The receipt is filled out in two copies, and after payment you shall be provided with a copy of the receipt with the cheque or with a stamp about payment.
You can also order filling service receipts Bank officer. This is a paid service, its value identifies a specific Bank branch in the region where the operation occurs.
Fines can be paid through the self-service. Self-service machines located in branches of Sberbank, as well as free-standing terminals in malls and other locations around the city. To find a convenient terminal, go to the website select your city option "Branches and ATMs", then "Search for devices of self-service on the map".
Clicking on it, be sure to note whether this ATM is in the reception mode of payment and how it is organized: does the ATM cash, if not, then any card you can transfer funds. With a terminal, click on the "Payments" and follow the prompts to locate the "Taxes and penalties".
Having the payment order and following the user self-service devices, carefully copy all the details of the payee, payer information and pay the fine by cash or by card, inserting it into the device. Don't forget to get a receipt upon completion of the operation. It is necessary to note that such an operation may also be charged a fee.
Pay your fine through the system "Sberbank online", if you are the owner of a plastic card of Sberbank. To do this, go into system, inputting the identification code specified in the document issued at registration card. To obtain the code, you can also contact the operator of the savings Bank, calling your card number and secret word.
After login, select "Payment" then "utilities, telephony, communications, etc." and "Taxes and penalties". In the Recipient field, browse and select from the list of payee. If for some reason you do not find the details of the organization, select the entry "Payment on arbitrary details". It is available in that case, if you have concluded universal banking service agreement. Usually it is in the design of a plastic card. Enter the details of the recipient organization and payer information. List the payment.