To bristles grew, the first thing you need to dois stop shaving. Then she will definitely grow back. The growth rate depends on genetic inheritance. Each this process is very individual.
For accelerated growth of the bristles, you can use the lotion Minoxidil (Rogaine, Rogaine*). This lotion accelerates the growth of any hair on the human body. Hormones, colorless and odorless does not contain. But the composition of the drug is alcohol, so it can dry the skin.
Burdock and castor oil also enhances hair growth. Should be applied to the bristles, hold for 2 hours and rinse thoroughly with mild soap or gel for washing.
Good nutrition promotes good health and metabolism, and therefore growth of hair. Necessarily in the diet should be beef, egg, cheese, milk and dairy products. Sufficient intake of protein and calcium, will help the beard to grow quickly.
Take vitamins and minerals. When the intake of all the nutrients, the hair growth increases.
Rinse the face with herbal teas: chamomile, nettle, burdock, plantain. All these herbs fortify hair and promote its growth.
Can make a mask out of honey and milk, adding oatmeal. All mix, apply in 20 minutes, thoroughly rinse.