The rate of regrowth of the stubble depends not only on genes, the level of calcium in the body, but also from hormones. If there is a hormonal failure, all your efforts will be in vain, and in other cases, the growth of the bristles can be easily accelerated. If facial hair grows too slowly, shave it and start all over again. Sometimes the growth is activated after shaving, but this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, if the results are already significant and will not suffice for the happiness of only 2 mm, better put the blade on later.
In pharmacies sold a special tool Monoxidil, it also has derivatives of analogues of Rogaine and Rogaine*. Can purchase any that you find at your local pharmacy. The lotion accelerates the growth of hair in the area in which you inflict. Has a very friendly staff, it has no hormones and dyes. But it is not suitable for sensitive skin, as its composition contains alcohol.
Mix burdock and castor oil in equal parts and apply to the bristles. Keep 1-2 hours, then rinse with warm soapy water. Do this twice a week and within a short period of time, you will notice a positive result. Also you get a nice "side effect" of improving the condition of the skin.
Remember that hair growth and bristle, including depends on the intake of vitamins and minerals. Take courses any suitable integrated drug. You generally have 30 days to take vitamins and to do 15 days of break.
Good nutrition with the use of not only animal products but also cereals and fruit and vegetables normalizes metabolism, and you will achieve a speedy result.