You will need
  • - soft shower gel;
  • - a stiff bristle hair brush;
  • - softening lotion;
  • - clipper the hair.
Do not shave for at least a month. If you have blonde hair, then this period may be delayed even longer. First, the chin will itch and look very untidy, but we must be patient. If you start to trim the bristles ahead, you beardgrows uneven and ragged.
The ideal option is to stop trying to shave with the first day of the leave. In this case, the beard will have time to get stronger, and by the time I returned to work all the worst will be over.
To beard less scratching, keep it clean. For washing better to use a soft gel, not soap.
Twice a day brush your beard with a stiff brush. So, you will prevent the bending of the hairs and the ingrown under the skin. Additionally, this wonderful massage that promotes the growth of bristle.
After brushing, use soothing lotion. This is especially necessary for those who grow hard red beard, and those whose hair is naturally curly.
Go to the Barber shop for their first haircut. This can be done when the beard is already grown up. The first haircut is very important. Master best seen all sections of the hair and therefore cut it as evenly as possible.
Together with the wizard you can choose the beard shape suitable to your face type. Do it yourself is difficult, because to look at ourselves is difficult even with a mirror.
After you first issued your beard, you just have to take care of her. You can leave a beard on the same level, you can grow it further – the choice is yours. Most importantly, buy a good clipper with an attachment for beard and mustache. Align the edge. Remove all the excess with a razor.
In order to maintain the selected form once a month and a half to visit the hairdresser. Treat regularly the bristles soothing lotion. Beard only looks good when it is carefully cared for.