The easiest way to make an artificial bristle is to draw it. Take a brown or black pencil and in front of the mirror, draw on the lower part of the cheeks, chin and above the upper lip often dash. Best of all is a pseudo-bristles suitable for photographing pictures, especially the General, it looks quite natural.
If you need reliability, take unnecessary thick paint brush, and scissors finely nastavite her lint on a sheet of paper. Cover the area around the mouth and on the chin with glue and quickly press the face to the paper fibers. Most of them will stick to your skin, creating the effect of the bristle. Note that a long walk like this will not work: because of the glue, the face starts to cringe and itch.
To make the bristles just a few minutes on existing photos using photoshop. To do this, open the program you need a picture, create a new layer and brush in grey, select a place on the face where the bristles. Then apply consistently filters-noise - add noise (with Gaussian distribution and 13% in the settings). The Oval tool, create a selection, the centre of which should be at the tip of the nose of the person in the picture. Apply filter radial blur (linear method, the number 5 as the best). Then again, open the layer and change the light settings from normal to hard. Make a curves correction on the Image tab - the bristles can become denser or thinner. The result can be saved.