The locking device of the hatch is designed to lock the doors of the loading door of the washing machine during the washing process for security purposes.

After loads of Laundry and installing the program click the button "start". In the electric locking device of the hatch is energized, and the door lock is closed automatically. After the process of washing after 1-4 minutes, the lock with the lock removed and the door can be opened manually.
If at the time of start of the program for Laundry the door is open, the lock doesn't work, the program will issue an error.

Device lock lock hatch

The most common are the electric locks on the thermocouples with bimetallic plate and with three contacts.

After clicking the "start" voltage is supplied to the thermoelement, which, in turn, heats up. Located next to the plate of the bimetal is bent and blocks the latch. The heating element is energized throughout the entire wash cycle, so the hatch remains locked. After all the processes of washing the tension from the lock is removed, the thermocouple cools, and the plate is bent, so that the lock latch is removed.

The reason for the lock hatch

The situation may arise after the process of washing the charging port remains blocked. In no case do not try to open the door by force, it can only make the problem worse. It is necessary to determine the cause of the problem.

The first reason is the car was not drained water. You need to check the drain hose. Maybe it's clogged and the tank has a little bit of water, so the water level sensor locks the door.

If the drain hose was clean or after cleaning the situation has not changed, the reason for the fault could be failure of the water sensor or module.

The reason for the door locking can also be a failure of the lock of the hatch of washing machine: normal wear and tear or scorching bimetallic plate due to voltage drop. In this case, it is necessary to replace the locking device of the hatch.

Your actions

So, if the drain tank is clean and that the door is not opened, you can try to re-start any program, it will be enough rinse to spin or just spin. Perhaps there was a small crash, and after restart, the door may become unlocked. If after 10 minutes the castle is not open, try to switch off the machine and switch on again. Thus, there will be a reset, and the lock can be turned off.

If a broken door lock, you must open the lower plastic panel in the left (right) bottom corner near the filter to find the cord of emergency door opening the loading door. He should be orange or red. You need to slightly pull the cord and the hatch will open.

If the cable in the ground appeared, it is possible to remove the top cover. Reject the car back to the tank under its own weight is also deviated. To push his hand along the front of the lock, to find the locking tongue, pushing him aside to open the door.
Access to the castle is also possible by removing the side walls of the washing machine (but provided that the machine is not under warranty).
If you gently open did not work, it is necessary to break down the castle.