In most washing machines, issued by companies Electrolux (Electrolux), Zanussi (Zanussi), Siemens (Siemens) and Bosch (Bosch), access the drain hoseyou have is via the front wall. To disassemble the machine, follow these steps: remove the clamp and carefully disconnect the cuff of the hatch from the front panel, then remove the dispenser.
Next, detach the decorative panel in the upper part of the basement.
Drain excess accumulated water through the pump filter, pre-placing it on any doormat.
Remove the screws securing the front wall of the washing machine to her body. One of them is located in the upper part, and two are at the bottom.
The lower part of the wall move a little, move it down and then remove the whole wall by about 5-7 cm
Disconnect the wires from under the wall blocking the hatch. Now you got access to the drain hoseand will be able to proceed with its replacement. Remove the strap with a special attachment the drain hoseand disconnect he hose from the main drain system.
Remember the point of attachment of the old hoseand disconnect it from the hull sides and then output. New hose first, firmly insert it in place of fixing the old, then hold it with a clamp.
Miss hose on the walls, attach it to the body and out. Connect to the sewage system outlet end of the hose, and then check whether both ends are sealed.