Possible reasons that the machine does not drain

Problems with water drain can be different:

- water drainage is very slow, then stopped altogether;

the machine stops at the drain phase;

- problems with drain not happen with each wash;

- after emptying the tank blocked the spin mode;

- the problem happen only when rinsing clothes.

Very often, problems with leaking are due to clogging in the pipes or some portion of the system. This is the most likely place for clogging are experiencing:

- the pipe between the pump and the vehicle tank;

filter pump;

- the drain hose;

- sewer/siphon;

the impeller (the failure occurs due to a stuck object).

Also, the machine may cease to drain the water because of breakage of the pump.

How to detect the cause of the fault

Before you begin Troubleshooting, unplug the machine from the power supply, otherwise you may get an electric shock. Begin your exploration with checking the drain hose. Perhaps the cause of the malfunction is that the hose is kinked or clogged.

If the hose everything is in order, proceed to validating of sewer pipes and siphon. If the siphon or pipe is clogged, the machine does not drain and buzzing. If the outside of the vehicle you cannot find the cause of the malfunction, then check the filter located on the front panel at the bottom. Before starting the inspection of the filter, be sure to substitute capacity for plum of water, or on the floor formed a large puddle. Upon detection of a blockage, clean filter and install it back.

Sometimes it happens so that during the washing machine working properly, but when draining rinse water stops. Before calling the wizard, make sure that the unit is not installed "machine Stop with water". To exclude this possibility, read the appropriate section in the instructions to the household appliance.

Other ways of Troubleshooting

If all the above steps have not led to the desired result, lay people better to address in the workshop on home appliances repair. Those who are confident in their knowledge and experience, you can check for blockage with a drain pipe. If after removing the filter any excess fluid from leaking out of the machine, this indicates that the nozzle is located outside the node of the drain should be cleaned. To do this, you need to remove the node and release one end of the buckle. After that, the corrugation should be cleaned and set into place. Also check the impeller, which is located behind the pump, it is possible that it hit a foreign object.

The most difficult step is to check the health of the pump. You need to turn the machine on in the spin mode and look in advance into the open hole. If the impeller is not rotating, the pump is faulty. However, if the rotation of the impeller occurs a clog in the machine and the pipes you are found, and the machine still does not drain, it is possible that the pump requires replacement. In such a situation it is better to address in the workshop.