Advice 1: How to stop washing machine

Washing machine stops itself automatically at the end of the wash cycle. 30-60 seconds in the drum is automatically removed lock, and then linen can be pulled out or to restart the program and put the extra rinse or spin. Stop the car and wait for the end of the wash cycle.
How to stop washing machine
If you want to interrupt the wash, for example, if you want to put in the machine one or a few things, and the drum is already locked, turn the knob in the "Stop" position. 30-60 seconds in the drum is automatically removed lock, you will be able to do the preloading and set the appropriate washing program. Then click "start".
In some models of washing machines automatically lock the drum will not be removed until until it is water. To perform the reheating turn the knob to "Drain" or "Spin". The water will merge, after which the lock will automatically be removed.
If shuts off the supply of electricity, washing machine ceases to wash, the power wash automatically continues from the point at which it was interrupted. The only thing that can change the duration of the washing programme will increase. This is due to the fact that the cooled water must be heated again to a predetermined temperature.
You can use this trip. While using the washing machine for her to take care of. If you need to leave a working machine, you don't want to leave unattended, just unplug the cord. This is the method you forcibly deprive the machine of power. After returning you will be able to insert the plug into the socket, the program will continue from where you interrupted it.
Don't forget that to interrupt the washing program is possible only in case of emergency. Though all methods are considered safe and, if you use them systematically, you will have to reinstall the automatic program or change the computer because of frequent interruption mode without special needs can lead to breakage and costly repairs.
That breakdown did not happen, if you have something you forgot to put on boot, wait until the end of the program, pull out the underwear and slide new download.

Advice 2: How to wash in the washing machine LG

Washing machine Korean concern LG long enough presented in the Russian market. The company is known for using in their design technology of the latest generations. The combination of modern design, reliability and reasonable prices - a good reason for the popularity of LG home appliances.

How to wash in the washing machine LG
Sort linen by color and degree of contamination. Carefully study the composition of the tissues. It is necessary to look at the labels that are sewn into the side seam of the garment. They contain the material type and washing conditions. Be sure to follow the manufacturers ' instructions.
Use a gel or powder recommended for the automatic washing and having the corresponding mark on the label. Universal detergents usually contain bleach. Therefore, it is recommended to select compounds specifically designed for the type of fabric you are going to wash. Exactly follow the recommended dosage of detergent.
Weigh linen and load it into the tank of the washing machine. Never exceed the maximum load. With a small amount of dirty Laundry, it is recommended to use the program half load - this will reduce cycle time and save electricity.
When you load lightly soiled linen should not use a prewash. Rejection this feature will help reduce the consumption of water and electricity.
Select the wash cycle. In addition to the basic modes of washing, such as "cotton", "synthetics", "wool", "gentle wash" and "hand wash", new models of washing machines LG is equipped with a number of additional programs.
New technology "6 movements of care" used in the "Cotton eco" is well suited to lightly soiled whites and colored fabrics. In this case the full cycle and energy costs noticeably reduced.
The cycle of "Daily wash" is recommended for the care of clothing made of synthetic fabrics. "Silent wash" is perfect for use at night, when lower tariffs for electricity.

Advice 3: How to stop the program

Almost all applications and most system programs today use elements of the graphical interface of the OS. So to stop the apps running in windowed mode just click the icon with the x in the upper right corner of the window. However, sometimes this is not enough or missing the opportunity to use this method.
How to stop the program
You will need
  • ОС Windows.
Some applications are configured so that a click on the icon with the cross did not close the program, but only rolled up her window. If you are not sure what stopped the application of this method, look for its icon in the tray and close the program completely by using the appropriate item in the context menu of the icon, it opens by clicking the right button of the mouse.
A program that runs full screen with no window with the x in the upper right corner can be closed using the "hot keys". Use Alt + F4 instead of clicking the close icon of the window to complete the work, for example, a full-screen computer games.
For emergency stopping the operation of the programs, use the "task Manager" Windows. If you close the application the usual way is not possible, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. In some versions of OS - like Windows XP - is that enough appeared on the screen Manager window, in others - for example, Windows 7 - click on the line "Start task Manager" in the interim menu.
On the Applications tab in the Manager window, locate the table row of the desired program. The "frozen" apps in the column "Status" in this table instead of writing "Works" placed mark "Not responding". Select the line program and click "end task".
If you don't see the desired program, click on the tab "Processes". Here are similar list, but instead of program names in the left column of "image Name" - contains the names of executable files. It's a little difficult to locate, but in the right hand column - "Description" provides a brief explanation of the purpose of each application or its full name. Using data from these two columns, find the desired program, select its row in the table and click "End process".

Advice 4: Why washing machine erases bad

Sometimes there are cases when the washing machine is not really doing its functions on the clothing stains, the white things turn grey. So, what could be the causes of the deterioration of Laundry in the washing machine.

Why washing machine erases bad

A common cause of poor quality of washing in the washing machine

The reason for the poor quality of the Laundry is often just a detergent. Washing powder should be designed specifically for automatic washing machines. This should be written on the package. No less important is the choice of the manufacturer. If your washing machine does not cope with cleaning spit things may change the manufacturer of the powder will be the solution.

Another frequent cause of bad washing in the machine - use detergent in the wrong amounts. Manufacturers of washing powders indicate on the packaging the optimal dose of use of for washing. If this dose does not comply, the result might disappoint you. Too little dosage will not allow you to extend linen, and a large amount of powder will lead to the appearance of white spots and stains on the fabric.
In addition, when hard water is necessary to slightly increase the amount of detergent and the soft waters, on the contrary, to reduce.

Check carefully whether you have included washing mode. You may erase things that require a particular mode, together with other things. Also do not forget that there are spots which cannot be removed by any powder. Things with strong dirt need or pre-cleaned, using spot removers, or dry-cleaned.

White stains on clothes can be formed and due to the preliminary zastiryvaniya things. For example, many Housewives who wish to withdraw from the greasy stain, use detergent for dishes. They evenly it is applied to the spot and sent the clothes to the Laundry with additional adding in a tray of powder. The result is a large amount of foam from detergent for dishes and white spots appear on things. This method can be used, but before the washing process in the washing machine detergent should be washed off with tissue.

The reason for what things after washing left dirty, can be a common mold. Formed on the walls of the drum, it can eat into the fabric. But because after each washing you need to dry the machine is to keep ajar the door.

Shortcomings in the work of washing machines, as a reason for poor quality wash

Washed off bad things can talk about any disadvantages of working washing machine. For example, poorly water heating significant contamination from the surface of the tissue is not removed. If the broken heater, which is responsible for the observance of a temperature mode of washing, the water heating can be absent altogether.

In that case, if water is heated, but after washing on things there are stains and dirty stains, the cause may be wear of the bearings of the drum in which the lubricant flows into the tank of the machine.
Getting on the clothes allocated to the worn washing machine bearings lubrication leaves a vague dark spots, which are then very difficult to remove.

To determine why the car washes bad things, look at how spinning during the wash drum. If it works poorly or not at all idle, good quality of washing, however.

If you suspect that your washing machine is a kind of failure, should promptly contact customer service. Skilled artisans will diagnose, determine the cause, have a negative impact on the quality of the wash, and make the necessary repairs.

To the washing machine lasts you a long time, well coping with its functions, follow best practices for its operation specified in the instructions to the product.
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