If you want to interrupt the wash, for example, if you want to put in the machine one or a few things, and the drum is already locked, turn the knob in the "Stop" position. 30-60 seconds in the drum is automatically removed lock, you will be able to do the preloading and set the appropriate washing program. Then click "start".
In some models of washing machines automatically lock the drum will not be removed until until it is water. To perform the reheating turn the knob to "Drain" or "Spin". The water will merge, after which the lock will automatically be removed.
If shuts off the supply of electricity, washing machine ceases to wash, the power wash automatically continues from the point at which it was interrupted. The only thing that can change the duration of the washing programme will increase. This is due to the fact that the cooled water must be heated again to a predetermined temperature.
You can use this trip. While using the washing machine for her to take care of. If you need to leave a working machine, you don't want to leave unattended, just unplug the cord. This is the method you forcibly deprive the machine of power. After returning you will be able to insert the plug into the socket, the program will continue from where you interrupted it.
Don't forget that to interrupt the washing program is possible only in case of emergency. Though all methods are considered safe and, if you use them systematically, you will have to reinstall the automatic program or change the computer because of frequent interruption mode without special needs can lead to breakage and costly repairs.
That breakdown did not happen, if you have something you forgot to put on boot, wait until the end of the program, pull out the underwear and slide new download.