You will need
  • - sharp metal object;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • wrench.
Unplug the machine from the mains.
Drain water out of machine, Prepare a bowl or other container for the water. Remove the bottom decorative panel. Slowly Unscrew the filter under the panel. Do not loosen the filter completely. Just make sure water flowed. Drain the water in the basin. Then completely Unscrew and remove the filter.
Get the reason neispravnostei several main reasons for this kind of breakage - breakage of the handle of the hatch, turning the power off or lock the machine. Lock usually occurs as a result of getting clothes in the locking mechanism of a door of a washing machine. The penetration of fragments of clothing it is easy to install visually.
Take a sharp metal object and try to push them onto the highlighted area in the attachment point of the handle of the hatch. If you open the car thus failed, have to remove the top cover of the machine.
Remove the top cover of the machineremove the screws that secure the top cover of the machine to its casing. Lift the rear part of the cover with one hand. Second hand push the front of the cover towards the rear of the machine. Make sure the cover is unhooked and carefully remove it.
Tilt the machine back so that her tank is moved away from the front wall. Slide arm to lock and feel for the locking tab. Pull the tongue to the side and open the door of the machine. If you click on the tab and open the car fails, you must remove the locking device.
Place your screwdriver and pry off the locking device of the hatch from the inside of the washing machine. Open the door and Unscrew the screws fixing the device on the body of the machine. Disassemble the lock.
Empty the tank of the washing machine from clothes and proceed to the repair and replacement of damaged parts.