Improper connection of the washing machine

What is incorrect connection of the washing machine? If the drain hose when connected connects to the siphon, not with sewage, but the pipes are not raised to 50-60 cm from the floor level is wrong. In this connection the problems begin with the discharge and abstraction of water in the washing machine. It will dial, then immediately drain and again to draw water, and these cycles will be repeated. After repeated cycles of intake and discharge water loaded into the washing machine stretch linen can not, because the powder almost immediately to withdraw from merging water into the sewer. In addition, every time after a water extraction, will turn on the pump, the machine again will try to heat the received water, and this will lead to a rapid deterioration of the heater.

How to check the proper connection of the washing machine? You need to turn the washing machine on the washing program, wait until the tank fills with water. Then install the software on the sink and follow the descending water. When the water begins to subside, you need to put the program on pause and mark the water level in the tank. Water to merge shall not, if the water still flows and purls - draining to do.

Failed intake valve

To inspect the inlet valve, remove it from the washing machine, then connect to the filling hose and in turn apply voltage of 220V on each reel. If the valve is working, it should be open and then after a loss of power tightly closed. The spray must be directed into a container of water. If fluid continues to leak after turning off the power - this means that the weakened spring of the rod or membrane lost flexibility. The faulty valve should be replaced. However, these actions cannot be performed by yourself - contact a specialist, since working with electricity is dangerous!

Not working the water level sensor

The water level sensor or pressure switch is used to control the water level in the washing machine. The relay controls three-state of the water level in the machine: the water pressure at the normal working volume, at a low level without water and high it overflow. One of the reasons of failure of the sensor – the situation when there is formed a precipitate which accumulates at the bottom and clogs the diameter of the pressure tube, the inlet to the tank. The blockage of the pressure switch can create such disturbance as little contact with detergents, sludge, forming a mold. An important influence on the operation of the relay switch provide valves and hoses. They should be checked for obstructions.