Open the machine running

In some washing machines (eg Indesit) that blur things in super saver mode, water in the washing process can be powered down. After five minutes the top hatch will allow you to open it and pull out/add to the car stuff. The water on the floor will not translate, because the super saver mode uses a minimum amount. Also to open the door of a running washing machine after she completely drained all the water.

Drain the water from the machine manually through the spare hole with a narrow hose on the bottom of the unit.

Also a common problem when you open the washing machine door is its lock. This can occur when you damage the handle of the hatch or defect in the device lock. To correct this failure, the machine must be de-energised by removing the plug from the socket and perform the manipulations listed in the following section.

Open the locked door of cars

So, to open the locked hatch of the washing machine, remove its top cover and reject the car on its two rear feet so that the tank deviated from the inner wall of the hatch. Then you need to stick to the locking device, to find there the locking tongue, which blocks the opening of the door, and take him to the side. The hatch can be opened.

If the door locking device attached to the inside of the front wall of the machine is faulty - replace it.

To replace the faulty lock of the hatch, the door of the machine need be removed from its hinges, Unscrew the screws around the perimeter, to withdraw the clamps from engagement (consistently and in a circle) and separate the door into two halves. One of these halves and is attached to the locking device of the hatch in the form of a pen you need to Unscrew and replace a prepared new handle. Then the door must be assembled in the reverse order, nothing missing. When repairs are completed check the operation of the lock is possible by closing and opening the hatch several times in a row.

When the self-repair of the lock of the door of the washing machine, it is desirable to observe one important rule – before disconnecting the wires of the power supply should draw or take a picture of their situation. So you can protect yourself from them wrong connection after installing the locking device. Check of correctness of connection of wires is performed after the Laundry, the door should become unlocked at the end.