Advice 1: How to turn off the washing machine

Washing machine usually turns off itself after execution of the washing programme. But there are unforeseen situations, when, for example, in the electronic control of the machine fails, the result of which becomes jammed door, the inability to get linen and other problems. There are various ways out of the current situation.
How to turn off the washing machine
You will need
  • - manual washing machine.
If there was a sudden power outage, and a washing machine are stopped, don't worry. As a rule, the program resumes after the supply of electricity automatically. If you fear the drops of voltage or too high voltage, machine off from the mains, and after the establishment of the normal power supply on again.
In that case, if your washing machine is "hung" and shows no signs of life, despite the fact that electricity seems to be all right, pay attention to the machines display, if any. If it shows any strange characters or figures for you, this is most likely an error code. Look in the instruction manual, which means the given code. Perhaps the voltage is not stable, or the Laundry in the drum is unevenly loaded.
To turn the washing machineon, press and hold for a few seconds the start button. Once you turn off the car and cancel the selected program, then turn it on again and select a new one.
If you urgently need to get the clothes, select the programme "Spin" and the option "No spin". Machine in a minute drained of water and its hatch will open. Linen in this case will be wet. If you want it to be dry, select "Extraction" and then select the number of revolutions.
In a situation when the above-described methods do not work, use the emergency drain via a tube located at the bottom of the machine. Usually it is covered with a small square or rectangular door. Find it and open, not forgetting to frame a basin for water.
If the machine is not responding, unplug it from the mains for 10-15 minutes. After this time turn it on again. If it again hangs on the same program, repeat the above procedure or contact the service center, as a possible serious failure.

Advice 2: How to turn off rain in Minecraft

Sudden rain may be annoying not only in real life, but in the computer game Minecraft. Fortunately, unlike the ruthless reality, the game gives you the ability to "turn off" the rain.
In current versions of Minecraft, the rain can be disabled using commands. However, it can be done only in that world in which was allowed the use of cheat codes. During the creation of the new world game you need to put a tick in the appropriate setting. Most experienced players prefer not to do, as the use of cheat codes and commands kills all the fun from the game, but it allows you to play with the world settings in the game.
If the use of commands and cheat codes is allowed, to turn off the rain very simple. Enough to cause the console or the chat window (by default this can be done by pressing T), and write there /toggledownfall. This disables the rain or snow, which are at the moment. If you want to in the world were always Sunny, type the command /weather sun 100000. If you want rain, you run the command /weather rain 100000
Note that the rain has a lot of useful properties. For example, he puts out the fire on all the surfaces except the infernal stone that can be very useful during forest fires. In the rain significantly increases the chance of catching fish, besides accelerating the growth of the seeds in the beds.
Some monsters take damage from staying in the rain. This applies to the Wanderer of Edges who constantly teleports, trying to hide from the water. In rainy weather, you can try to kill this monster to get the rare Pearls of the Region, this is especially useful if you have insufficient resources for good armor or weapons. The afreet, and also Snow Golems take damage from the rain, with burning monsters, animals and players he puts out.
If you don't want to use cheats, but crave to get rid of rain, wait until nightfall and go to sleep. After your Wake up weather will be Sunny and clear.

Advice 3: How to clean your washing machine from dirt

The metal and plastic surfaces in washing machines often accumulate mineral deposits and ordinary dirt. Therefore, the question of how to clean a washing machine relevant to many Housewives, because such appliances are quite expensive, so you want to it lasts as long as possible. Regular cleaning of the washing machine stains – a sure way to extend her lifespan.
mold in the washing machine

How to clean washing machine drum

Unpleasant smell in the car - a sure signal that it's time to do cleaning of the drum. First you need to fill in a special tank cleaner or bleach for the machines of automatic type and fill the washing machine with hot water. For this you need to enable it in the washing mode and after filling of the drum put the machine on pause or shut down for an hour. During this time all the mold in the washing machine, and all the existing deposits will be dissolved. To drum was always in perfect condition, must get the washing out of the machine to ventilate it and do not forget to use when washing special funds for water softening.

How to remove limescale in the washing machine

Usually to remove scale in washing machine use special equipment, however, not every one of them effectively and safely. Therefore, before using the product, you must carefully study the instruction on its application. The fact that many of descaling contain in their composition the acid, and it destroys the rubber parts in the car, causing it irreparable harm. That is why the descaling solution in the kettle to clean the washing machine cannot be used, as well as many of your favorite mistresses citric acid. It is best to use a tool recommended by manufacturer of unit.

How to clean the filter of the washing machine

Without regular cleaning of the filter of the washing machine from impurities of the damage can not be avoided. To clean the filter, you need to prepare the container for draining water and a rag to remove excess moisture.

Open the cover panel, locate the drain hose and drain the water. As soon as the water flow runs out, you can get the filter out of the washing machine. All the dirt that managed to settle on the impeller, it is necessary to carefully remove and then insert the filter back.

This simple care washing machine will help to avoid breakdowns and prolong the life of your assistant.

Advice 4: What to do if the washing machine is not spinning the drum

If your washing machine not spinning the drum, then it is likely that the failure is serious. But do not despair, to solve this problem, and in some cases will be able to handle it without calling the wizard.
The belt drum in the washing machine
The reasons for stopping the drum of the washing machine, usually three. However, before beginning their searches it is important to take a number of actions that will help avoid worsening of the problem.

You first need to turn off the washing machine, pull out linen and drain the remaining water, re-enabling the washing machine in drain mode. Run it again in normal mode, not worth the problems it will not solve, but worsen the situation.

Then you need to disconnect washing machine from power, open it and remove the back cover. This is done simply, in most models it is secured with a few screws.

The problem with the drive belt

To determine the possible causes of the stop of the drum will be useful before calling the wizard, because you will be able to pinpoint the damage and to learn the specific cost of repairs or even fix it all yourself. So the reasons, as already mentioned, three. The first problem is a drive belt that transfers power from the motor to the drum.

The strap is the weak point in any washing machine. It can either break or come off, which often occurs when he more than five years. If that's a problem, you are "lucky", it can be solved yourself, without calling the wizard. Just put it on the allotted space if it jumped, and if it breaks, then buy new, they are sold in stores plumbing. Of course, you can invoke the wizard is always better, especially if you have no experience or desire to do it themselves. The renovation will cost, on average, from five hundred to one thousand roubles.

Problem with motor or bearings

If the belt is all right, we are left with two possible options. They are more serious and deal with them independently is unlikely. Stop the drum could cause burnt/jammed motor or clogged bearings. It is also a pretty common problem and to eliminate it you will have to call the master. Repair in this case will be quite expensive and can result in half the cost of a new washing machine. If your washing machine is more than 7-10 years, it makes sense to think about upgrading, as it jammed the drum can only be the beginning of a succession of failures.

Advice 5: How to repair washing machine their hands

Modern washing machine is a complex device, self-repair which may lead to its ultimate failure. However, in some cases, it is possible to handle the repairs on their own.
How to repair washing machine their hands
You will need
  • - screwdriver under the cross; - pliers; - tester.
Rate the nature of the malfunction of the washing machine. If stopped working some modes and there is a failure in the electronics, repair the problem yourself you probably can't, and you will have to contact the service center.
One of the most frequent cases of refusal of the washing machine is the failure of the electric heater (heater), it can be replaced independently. Before beginning the repair, disconnect the washing machine from the network, pulling the plug from the socket. Cutting off the water supply, then drain the remains of her by opening the hatch in the bottom of the hull.
The heater can be located on the front side of the washing machine, and with back, so look in the manual or on the Internet necessary information. Then remove the screws front (rear) panel, and remove it.
Getting to the heating element, disconnect the wires going to it and to the temperature sensor. Loosen the fixing heater and remove it. Check the heater with a tester to make sure it is defective. Take the faulty heater as a sample and get exactly the same. Build in reverse order.
A fairly common problem when using the washing machine is leaking water. When such a malfunction, it is important to determine the location of the leak, so, seeing a water on a floor, do not hurry to turn the power off. The exception is a situation when water flows very quickly.
Usually the most common cause of leaks are loose attaching supply hoses and drain the water. Sometimes the water flows from the tray for detergent, in this case, the cause of the malfunction is a blockage in the rubber tube (hose), through which water with detergent is supplied to the drum machine. Nozzle clogged with clumps of washing powder, this can occur if installed with a kink.
To clear a blocked hose, remove the top panel of the washing machine, then pull out tray for detergent. Unscrew the screws holding the control unit and remove it, it can interfere. It is important for you to get free access to places of fastening of a hose, as it is likely to have a bit of a turn, to avoid clogging in the future.
A rubber tube is attached a spring steel rings. Squeeze the ends of one ring pliers and rotate the hose so that it is no longer kinked. After that, remember the hose by hand, eliminating the blockage. Splash in the tray for the detergent a little water to completely flush the hose. Assemble the washer in reverse order.
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