To start with a few tips on what to do and how to behave in unpaid wages. Do not sign a statement of salary payment, if you didn't give her up, and just asked to sign, otherwise you will prove that the salary you did not pay.

If salary is delayed for more than 15 days, you have the right to suspend the work until the money will be paid. Pre-notify his superiors, preferably in writing. During this period you have the legal right to be absent during his working hours at the workplace.

You must return to work no later than the next business day after receiving from the authorities a written notification that he is ready to pay the debt on the day of your return to work (article 142, labour code).
If non-payment of your hard-earned money on time and in full first safely write to the labour Inspectorate complaint. This organization has the right to check the observance of labor legislation any legal entity and any UI, and to impose a fine if necessary, in accordance with part 1 of article 5.27 of the administrative code.
Employees also have the right to address in court with the statement of claimin which to request to order the employer to pay wages for a specific period. In addition, the court must impose a fine for moral damages, interest for late payment of wages, holiday pay and other payments owed to the employee (article 236 and 237 of the LC RF). If the amount of unpaid funds and of compensation is not more than 50 000 rubles, go to the magistrate, and if more than 50,000 rubles – to the Federal court. Legal costs in this case is not necessary to pay.
In the case of non-payment of your hard earned you can also contact the Prosecutor's office by filing out an application on excitation of criminal case against the employer. The non-payment of wages to employees, according to article 145.1 of the criminal code, is a criminal offence.