You will need
  • - The Constitution Of The Russian Federation;
  • - Labor code of the Russian Federation;
  • - employment contract;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Wait until after the specified in the contract will be 15 days. From this moment you can start the action. You have the right not to go to work, but shall in writing notify the employer. It is provided by article 142 of the Labour code. From now on you can organize and strike, but do not forget to read the article 409 of the Labour code and article 37 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
Employee of the company where there is trade Union organization or Union of workers, may apply to the Commission on labor disputes. According to the labor law, the composition of these committees there are representatives of administration of enterprises and workers. Workers choose their representatives, the administration appoints. The maturity in such a Commission 3 months after the employee learned that his rights have been violated. Their decision is binding on both parties. If the employer has not, the employee is issued a document with which he can apply to the court bailiffs. The labor dispute Committee must consider the appeal within 10 days from the date of submission, and execution carried out within 3 days.
If the labor dispute Commission of the enterprise, contact your State labor Inspectorate. The responsibilities of this organization include the oversight of compliance with labor legislation, including issues relating to payment of wages. To apply to the State labour Inspectorate through the official website, where electronic reception.
To help employees whose rights have been violated, and the Prosecutor's office. The complaint is filed, if payment is overdue for 2 months. You can do this directly by contacting the local Prosecutor's office, as well as through an electronic reception. The Prosecutor's office must order the employer to pay the debt. Otherwise, starts the judicial procedure that is at fault, the employer usually loses. Should the court decision, and in the case of non-compliance begins enforcement proceedings.
The judicial process can begin and the employee, even if wages are delayed for just one day. In this case, you must file a claim in the court of General jurisdiction. The claim is written in free form, but must clearly Express all the circumstances of the case.