The labour Code, however, as a criminal, implies a series of austerity measures to the head of the company for the delay or nonpayment of wages. Employers have regulated the period in which the delay is allowed is 3 days. But, only after written notice to all employees.
If this deadline has passed, and the books are not going to calculate, it is necessary to turn to the Federal Service for protection and safety. Find out where the office you can call the directory enquiries. Having come on reception to the expert, bring documents proving your place of work, for example, a contract of employment.
Perhaps the officer will try to solve the problem without writing any statements and initiating administrative proceedings, namely to call on the company. The chiefs are very politely behave with this state structure, and fear checks. So maybe the chief will set the minimum term of issuance of the required amount.
If your manual did not teach a communication with the inspector, then you can write a statement to the prosecuting officials. Samples of writing such documents you can find on the Internet portal at the address Send it by mail or to bring personally. Checking against the debtor are required to hold for 10 days.
You can still go to the Prosecutor's office in your city, this question is also in their competence. If the employer refers with disdain to the inspector of the service of labor, people in uniform, more tightly may affect his decision. Moreover, if the company does not pay you money more than a month, the Prosecutor is obliged to initiate criminal proceedings with all the consequences.
If you are the only person in the company who do not pay the money, you can try to strike the whole team. This extreme measure, and the user understands that if the team does not come to work – simple businesses can go to the penny. But if you decided on such desperate step, notify the employer in writing within 5 working days.
The court can put an end to the dispute about the calculation of owed money. Samples for writing a statements of claim are available in every civil court of Russia. If the court takes your side, then to recover the money from the employer will be the bailiffs.