You will need
  • address and phone of the local labour Inspectorate,
  • - the text of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation
Before going to inspection analyze exactly how it has been infringed. The most common conflict situations include improper registration of the employment relationship, late payment of wages, mistakes during the dismissal. See articles 37, 64 and 84 of the Labour code, which reglamentary these areas. Before you write a complaint, call the inspection and get advice whether you understand the provisions of the law and how best to formulate claims on paper.
Gather documents that can prove your case. These include the contract, the calculations with you. If violations of the employer fixed in the order or in the statement that you're holding there, mention them in the statement.
Write the complaint. Samples can be found in the inspection or on the sites of legal advice. In the header of the complaint must be specified the correct name and address of the organization where you are applying, and complete your data. These include surname, name, patronymic, address of place of residence. In the address mention where and by whom you work or have worked. And state the nature of your claims. For filing a document personally write the text in two copies, or copy it.
Take your complaint to the office of inspection or send a registered letter with a notice in the mail. Attach the prepared documents proving your case. If you apply in person, on the first instance you should check when and by whom it was adopted. In the second case the proof is the ticket notice.
Your complaint should be considered in any case within one month, in exceptional cases the period may be extended for another month. On the basis of your enterprise is carried out check compliance with labour legislation. Usually, she ends with the injunction or penalty to management or the organization as a whole. The inspectors are obliged not to disclose, by whose conversion they are checking in the enterprise.