Find out the address of the Prosecutor's office of the district where your business resides. To make a statement you can own. But if the need arises, you can ask for help from a lawyer.
A statement addressed to the Prosecutor of the district. In the header include your name and surname, and the address and telephone number.
State the nature of your problem. It is advisable to avoid emotional words and as accurately as possible to describe the facts. If you have noticed several violations, list them point by point. For example, note that on your regular case of a delay of salaries and processing no allocation, or there are problems in the design of vacation and sick leave.
Collect the documents confirming specified information. This can be a certificate in form 2-pit, explanatory notes, statements in the name of the head of the company, explanations. Clear copies of them and attach them to the statement. At the end of the statement necessarily specify the list of attached documents.
Once you complete the application, also remove it from the copy. All original documents and a copy of the application in Prosecutor's office keep it in a separate folder. Later, these papers will come in handy when filing a claim in court.
A statement to the Prosecutor you can relate personally or sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. During the month of your matter should be carried out the Prosecutor's check, and then to the specified address will be sent an official response, which will list the actions taken. Received such a letter, take a copy and attach to the already assembled your documents folder.
You can contact the Prosecutor's office personally. If you write a complaint to your employer to the labour Inspectorate, the inspector may apply to the Prosecutor on his own initiative. Then about the checks you will be able to learn from the inspector. In this case, the verification process can take up to two months.
If the test results does not satisfy you, you have the right to apply to a higher authority – the city or the regional Prosecutor's office. Keep in mind that such applications require a good reason – for example, the intentional delay in the verification or the refusal of the district Prosecutor's office to inform you of its results.