How to obtain the state certificate on the parent capital

To apply for a certificate at any time prior reaching the youngest child of three.

After my second child was born, the first thing you get is a certificate of birth in the maternity ward. With this certificate and passports of the parents you are going to the registry office, where receive the birth certificate of the child. Your next step will be the registration of the child's place of residence. Now you can apply for a certificate in the Pension Fund. Specify in advance the time of admission and the need to apply for filing. Specialist Pension Fund will ask you the following documents: the passport of the mother, birth certificate of both children, plastic card social security number.
For each region a package of documents for obtaining state certificate may vary.

In the study you will write a statement and get a receipt about receiving a specialist Fund of your documents. In addition, you will sign an information agreement that the cashing of the parent capital you will incur criminal liability. Two weeks later a registered letter you will receive notification of the date of receipt of the state certificate for maternity capital. At the appointed time you will receive this document with their passport.

How much money will pay for the birth of the second child

In 2014, the size of the parent capital is 429 408 rubles. This amount will increase each year with inflation. In the year when you want to use the funds, you will receive the indexed amount of money. The average amount increases by 20-30 thousand rubles a year. So, if your second baby was born in 2013, you will be able to use the certificate not earlier than 2016, and its amount will be approximately 480 000.

How to spend money on the parent capital

The first and most popular way to use maternity capital to improve housing conditions. A recent innovation allows you to use the certificate before execution of three years to repay an existing mortgage loan. In other cases, with the entry of the certificate in force, you can purchase a room, apartment, house or part of real estate, provided that the whole family will be registered in it. It should also be possible to expand living space: replacing the one-bedroom apartment, one-bedroom to two-bedroom. If the mortgage loan will be signed after the birth of her second child, with the help of maternity capital to pay off part or entire loan amount on reaching the child of three years.

The second way: pay for children's education at the University. This right may be exercised by the eldest child in the family.

The third way: the formation of the future pension mom. The maternity capital can be transferred to the retirement account for the future calculation of pensions.