Russian social legislation provides a range of payments and benefits to which the family can expect after the birth of a child. So, one of the largest cash receipts is a lump sum paid at birth. To apply for this payment can any of the parents of the child, his legal representative (e.g. guardian). The existence of such rights provides the most prompt processing of payment and receipt of the required amount, because the child's mother immediately following birth often does not have time to prepare all the necessary documents. In addition, certain nuances associated with obtaining one-time grants are determined depending on the existence of a formal place of work, study citizen.

Where the husband can get a lump sum?

To receive lump-sum benefits paid at the birth of the child, the citizen should contact the employer, since the funds for this payment are transferred by the social insurance Fund. If receiving benefits, the person is not working, and enrolled, the appeal must follow the leadership of the educational organization. Finally, in the absence of an official place of work (study) will have to apply for a grant in the bodies of social protection of the population located in the citizen's place of residence. Note that before applying for benefits will have to prepare the documents confirming the right to its registration in the prescribed manner.

What documents are required for receiving the allowance?

The main documents submitted for registration of a lump sum at the birth of a child, are a special Declaration and a certificate issued by the authorities confirms the fact of birth of the child. Additionally, you may need to reference from the place of work or study, the other parent, which confirmed that the specified parent is not made out in this manual. In addition, when applying for payment of benefits to the bodies of social protection of the population citizen will have to submit a certified copy of his employment record book, confirming the absence of formal employment at the time of treatment for payment. These rules exist to prevent abuse by persons intending to repeatedly receive a lump sum in different organizations.