Allowance for the care of a second child until they reach one and a half years is calculated from the next day after sick leave and maternity leave. The amount of the benefit is 40% of average earnings in 24 months. In average earnings do not include social benefits, which include payment for sick leave. Does all the amount paid and divided by 730. It turns out, the average daily amount. It is multiplied by the average number of days, i.e. 30.4. The received amount will be equal to the monthly allowance. If you are caring for two children up to six years, this amount doubled.
If a woman before the birth of the second child did not work and was in maternity leave for first child up to six years, then for the calculated period is taken the time when the woman worked. The calculation of benefits is performed as described above.
If the woman worked less than 24 months, the benefit is calculated from average earnings for all hours worked. Allowance for the second child can not be lower than 4388,67 rubles plus the district factor. If the amount of the benefit calculated from the average earnings are less, you need to pay that amount.
Allowance for child care and maternity can be obtained from all employers, which was occupied by a woman. The maximum amount for the calculation of benefits may not be higher than 465 thousand rubles for the year. That is, the calculation must be made, dividing 930 thousand rubles for 730 and multiplied by 30.4.