You will need
  • - copy of passport
  • copies of birth certificates of the first and second child
  • - statement
  • help that the second parent does not receive benefits
Every woman, resident in Russia is entitled to certain payments in connection with her pregnancy, maternity leave and leave to care for a child. If it works, then the period of 30 weeks (for a multiple - week 28) has the ability to get sick on 140 days 70 days before birth and 70 after. It is calculated as usual based on 100% of the average official wage for 2 years, if the woman was on maternity leave, you can take the previous year. Unemployed these payments are not produced, with the exception of certain categories. Also after the baby is born, the woman receives a lump sum, and then, after maternity leave, can go on vacation for child care, which is also paid.
If you have a second child was born, a lump sum for him in 2014 will be 13 741 rubles. While the right to these payments is every woman. If you were born several children, the total amount will be for each individual. Working should be attributed to their place of work, a number of documents: copy of passport, copies of birth certificates of all their children help with the work wife that he had not received this stipend, and to write the application on its receipt (in case of having more than one child it is necessary to write the application on each of them), and attach a certificate given to you at the registry office. If a woman does not work anywhere, to obtain these benefits it is necessary to apply to the social protection Fund by providing the same documents, adding to them a certificate confirming that you do not get unemployment benefits.
After the end of maternity leave - 70 days after the birth, you must either go to work or go on vacation to care for a child. It is also paid based on your salary and 40% of it. If at this time you still get benefit for the first child, then the payoffs are summarized, but not exceed 100% of your income and do not exceed 17,990 rubles. To work before the end of the decree must provide a copy of passport, copies of certificates of all their children, the statement about this release, as well as help from the spouse is not receiving benefits. Payments will be made until the child reaches one and a half years, in some cases up to 3 years.
If the woman was not working, to receive benefits for child care, she turns again to the Fund of social protection and brings the same documents as the employer. She is paid for the first child 2576 RUB for a second – 5153 rubles, some preferential categories, this amount is doubled.
In addition to all these payments for the birth of the second child has a program of "Maternity capital". In 2014, he is 429408 rubles. It can be spent on improving the housing conditions immediately after birth, an increase in pensions for mothers and the training of the child after the child reaches 3 years.