You must first write a letter to the head of in which you are asking for leave to care for a child. In text, indicate the duration of the vacation. It may continue until the child reaches one and a half years or until the age of three. Date of writing the application must be the first day following the end of sick leave and maternity leave.
The statement shall be attached a copy of the birth certificate of the child. You will need it in the personnel Department for personal Affairs.
Another copy of the birth certificate of the child must submit to the accounting Department. The accountant fills in the application for a reduction of income tax in relation dependent.
Working women have the opportunity at work to make a monthly allowance and a lump sum on the birth of a child. For this purpose, the personnel Department provided the following documents:
- statement of benefits;
- certificate of birth (issued in the Registrar's office upon receipt of the birth certificate);
- the reference from female consultation that you stood on the account till 12 weeks of pregnancy (entitles you to additional benefits);
- certificate from the place of work of the spouse that he has not issued a manual on child care and a one-time payment;
women who receive their wages in hand, must attach a copy of a passbook, which lists the benefits. Women who have a payroll card, transfers will be made on this card.
Some employers include additional payments in connection with the birth of a child. These payments carry out trade Union organizations. You will need to write the corresponding application addressed to the head of the Union.