Collect the documents required for obtaining a lump sum on the birth of a child. Working citizens of the Russian Federation apply, the certificate and the certificate of birth of the child according to form No. 24. If this second parent, if it also works, must submit a certificate of employment stating that he did not receive benefits.
Ask for a lump-sum allowancem at work one of the parents. The application must be submitted within six months from the date of birth of the child. Payment to be made no later than 10 days after submission of all documents. In parallel with the documents for a lump-sum benefit , the parent has the right to submit an application to receive employer financial aid. It should be noted that if this payment exceeds 50 thousand roubles, it is necessary to calculate the amount of tax on income of individuals.
Make the extract from the labor book, military card, diploma, or other document which confirms the lack of work the child's parents. This must be done in that case, if both parents are unemployed. One of them is necessary to the body of social protection of the population a certificate stating that he had not received child benefit. Refer to these documents and a statement in RUSZN at the place of residence.
Get in the Dean's office a certificate stating that you are in full-time education and has not received a lump sum payment. This is necessary if both parents are students. For payment of benefits should contact the school.
Please contact the Registrar at the place of registration of a child to get help No. 25, which explains the inclusion in the certificate of birth data of the child's father. This document is necessary to obtain a lump sum single mothers.