Entitlement to this benefit are parents or persons in Loco parentis. If you are born with two or more children, the allowance is paid for each child separately.
The amount of the allowance and the procedure for obtaining and conditions of appointment are regulated by the government. According to the Federal law of 19.05.1995 № 81-FZ "On state allowances to citizens having children" (as amended on 24.07.2009 N 213-FZ) the amount of the lump sum at a birth of the child as a lump sum when the transfer of the child to a family for rearing 1 January 2010 will be 10988,85 RUB This payment is made at the expense of resources of the social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation.For benefit, you must apply no later than six months after the birth of a child.
You must report at the place of work mother or father.For citizens of the Russian Federation is required to have at themselves the certificate of birth of the child. If both parents work, it is necessary to take from work the other parent a certificate stating that the allowance he was paid.
Already in the bodies of social protection, should write a statement of the established sample.The employer may provide the employee one-time assistance. It also required to write a statement and provide the necessary documents.
The whole amount of the benefit shall be paid not later than 10 days after submission of all required documents.
If both parents do not have a permanent place of work and not studying full-time basis, you should apply to the territorial bodies of social protection.
You must have:- the statement on granting of the benefit (it is transferred to the account of the savings Bank or specified account);
- copies of documents certifying the identity of the parent;
- certificate of birth of the child and its copy;
- a certificate of birth of the child furnished to the Registrar in form No. 24 and its copy;
- extracts from work record cards, certifying that the parents do not work;
- should receive help in the territorial bodies of social protection that the second parent had not yet received this benefit.
Money is also paid within 10 days. If both parents are studying, you should provide a certificate from the Dean stating that the parent is the student of daily form education, a statement in the prescribed form, a certificate in form No. 24 certificate of student status of the other parent that he would benefit were not paid. The allowance is paid in accordance with the law.
Single mothers should also whento lay down the documents proving their status.
In the case of a stillborn child, this allowance is not paid. But in the case of the death of a child after its registration in the registry offices , the allowance is still paid.