You will need
  • the presence of the second and subsequent child documents
First of all, it is necessary to collect a package of documents and submit them for consideration to the Pension Fund of the region. The Pension Fund is determined at the place of registration, place of residence or stay in the moment. After one month, the bodies of the Pension Fund are obliged to consider the documents for obtaining the certificate. The main documents to apply are the identity card (passport), birth certificate for each child, the documents establishing the nationality of children, evidence of maternity (paternity) or adoption of children.
After approval of part of the documentary, you need to personally complete an application form to receive additional assistance to a young family. All its fields are populated in accordance with the requirements of the Fund. To this statement and you need to make a list of documents.
After consideration by the Fund of copies of documents must personally apply with the provision of the originals of all documents and certificates. If desired, the specialists of the Pension Fund offers an additional service on the issuance of pension insurance certificate, which is issued to each citizen of the Russian Federation. Further, the specified address will be sent an email notification for a certificate. This letter is the basis for certification with the provision of the applicant's passport.