How to get the first payment in early pregnancy

First payment should be received at the place of work or study, its size is 515 RUB to get paid, a pregnant woman needs to write an application and attach a certificate from the clinic about early registration.

Medical care in public clinics is free of charge, and monitoring during pregnancy is necessary to avoid complications and dangerous for the baby infections, including rubella (rubella).
The first payment early on is paid to all, without exception, pregnant women, registered on the account in female consultation until the 12th week of pregnancy.

How to calculate the allowance for pregnancy and childbirth

The allowance for pregnancy and childbirth is provided at once, and its size depends on the salary and all taxable benefits received by the mother during the last two years, it is 100 percent of average earnings.

The period of maternity leave with the issuance of sick leave is calculated according to the following timeline:
140 calendar days during normal pregnancy and childbirth;
- 156 days for complications of pregnancy or childbirth;
- 194 day in multiple pregnancies.

The allowance must be by law appointed to 10-day period after the filing of the application and certificate for incapacity for work of the women's clinic and paid to the nearest then set the day of receiving the salary.
The total income for the year to calculate the benefits has limitations. So, for 2012, the "ceiling" was 512 000 RUB., and for 2013 – 568, 000.

For officially unemployed women, the allowance is directly correlated with the minimum wage (SMIC), which in 2014 is set in size 5 554 R. the same amount of money serves as the basis for calculating benefits for pregnancy and childbirth disabled, if average earnings do not exceed the prescribed minimum wages or General insurance experience is not up to 6 months.

The lower and upper limits of the size of benefits and maternity leave depending on the number of vacation days for 2014 are as follows:
- 140 days – from 25 to 206 578 840 p.;
- 156 days – from 28 to 230 501 479 p.;
- 194 days – from 34 to 286 553 621 R.

Women dismissed during the period of pregnancy leave and maternity leave in connection with liquidation of the organization and embarked during the year on the account in the employment centre, social security pays monthly benefits - 515 R.

Additional payments, required wives of soldiers

A lump sum is paid to pregnant wife, soldier at term of pregnancy not less than 180 days in the case of an appeal of the husband for military service. The amount of the benefit - 21761,88 R. Wife of cadets of military educational institutions of the right to such an allowance are not.

The birth of a child family conscript is entitled to a monthly allowance of 9326,52 R. for each child.