In Moscow, the benefits for a young family at the birth of a child entitled to the following categories of citizens:

- the couple that if both parents at the time of birth of the child was 30 years old and both parents and child are registered in Moscow,

single parent if at the time of birth he was not yet 30 years old. If the birth certificate is recorded only with the mother, she was recognized as the sole parent and is entitled to receive this allowance. While the mother and child should have a Moscow residence permit.

Documents required for obtaining benefits:

- birth certificate of the child

- passports of parents (single parent),

- marriage certificate (if any)

- extract from the house register, which indicates the residence of the parents and the child. To provide this document is not required, but its presence will accelerate the benefits.

- Bank details for money transfer. Allowance to young families can transfer to an account in any Bank. Including it can be transferred to a salary card. Usually, however, the family at the same time prepares the monthly child allowance. It is transferred to the account in Sberbank. It is always advisable to have a savings account or open an account in this Bank.

- statement on the provision of benefits (the form will be given when you call).

All documents must be submitted to the authorities RUSZN.