How to connect tablets to the Internet

Modern tablets are divided into two types: wifi and wifi+3g (LTE). The first type can connect to the Internet only through a wireless network connection Wi-Fi. Such a network can be easily set at home. Free wifi connection is offered by many restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and other public places.

However, if you find yourself on the street or in another place where wifi or not at all, or all access points protected by a password, to access the Internet you will not succeed. In this case, you need a tablet with access to the Internet through a SIM card (wifi+3g). With the help of these devices you will be able to be online in any place where it catches the signal of your cellular operator.

Connect your tablet to Wi-Fi

The easiest way to connect to a wifi network. First you need to go to settings and turn on the module the wireless network. If you have an iPad, then you should go to "Settings" — "wifi", then you will see a list of available networks. You will only need to choose the right, and then you are connected.

In tablets on the Android platform the principle of operation is similar. The connection module is also included in the settings ("Settings" — "Wireless connections"). After that, you will see a list of available networks.

Look carefully at the list of available networks. If the icon next to Wi-Fi a lock is drawn, the network is password protected. Without his input you will not be able to connect to the Internet. My home access point is also recommended to protect the password. If the lock icon is missing, then before you open the network to which you can connect freely.

It is worth to remember about security measures. For example, do not use the Internet Bank, leaving the network through an open wifi access point.

To turn on and off wifi on your tablet you don't have to go into settings. There are methods quickly access the appropriate options. On iPad, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen up, and on "Android" tablets on the contrary – from the top of the screen down. Next is to find the sign network and click on it.

Connect your tablet to 3g

If your tablet supports 3g connection, you can use it. To do this, you first need to purchase the SIM card connected with unlimited Internet tariff. Note the format of the SIM card, which supports your tablet. iPad have a micro-SIM and some tablets on the Android support and simple Sims.

When the SIM card you have on hand, it is necessary to stick to the tablet. About how to do this can be found in the device's instructions. After successful installation of the SIM card you just have to wait for its activation on the tablet. When the screen displays the 3g icon, you can access the Internet.

Typically, the speed of 3g Internet is much lower than Wi-Fi. In addition, many subscription plans limit the amount of Internet traffic (given the limit for a day or a month). So it will be difficult to download large games or watching online videos. But to use email, websites and social networks the power of 3g Internet is enough.

The latest tablet models support the connection LTE, the speed of which is much higher than in 3g. If you want to use it, you need to specify access to the network in your area from the mobile operator.