Which Internet to choose for your tablet 3G or Wi-Fi?

There are only two options to connect a mobile device with a global network - 3G or Wi-Fi. Some tablets can connect to the Internet both ways. When buying a tablet this aspect should be given special attention. If you are going to use the Internet mostly at home or at work where there is a wireless access point Wi-Fi network, then buy a device with a SIM-card is optional. But people are mobile, constantly travelling without 3G does not do.

Of course, the Internet speed when connecting through Wi-Fi much more, and a house to pay for traffic is not necessary. But since the wireless coverage in Russia is still quite small, on the road on a tablet without the ability to connect to 3G you will be able to stay without access to the global web.

Which mobile is best for Internet tablet — MTS, Beeline or MegaFon?

So, you need to connect to the network via 3G. And of course you don't know which Internet to choose. Because different operators in different quality and speed of data reception and transmission, and the tariffs and prices in General can be confusing.

The three largest providers of mobile Internet in the country (MTS, Beeline and MegaFon) are available on sale special SIM cards that ensure access to the network.

To choose a tariff that will best meet your requirements, you need to decide how often and for what purpose you will the Internet tablet to use.

If you are going to network a large amount of time to download all kinds of files, view photos and video, you'd better choose the unlimited tariff. But if you need the tablet only to check email, browse the daily press and view friends news in social networks, the Internet with a limited amount of traffic. The fact that the tariff is not unlimited, not to mention that after downloading a certain amount of data you will be left without access to the Internet, as a rule, in such cases, the mobile operators only limit the speed. But such tariffs will help to save money are not very active users.

To understand the Internet from any operator for free better, you need to consider one more thing - the quality of signal reception in the area. If you are going on vacation, then be sure to check this point.

You should also notice another feature selection rate, and operator, SIM card best buy to access the Internet with mobile roaming. So, if you are going to use the device with access to the network within the same region, then no problems will arise. But if you travel frequently around the country, it is better to buy unlimited tariffs throughout Russia. The same applies to international roaming. To save money before traveling abroad you need to check with the operator the ability to connect additional options.

All operators currently have special tariffs for access to the network mobile devices, so you will be able to choose which Internet tablet to connect to your specific case.