To ensure this process requires a USB cable to connect mobile phone to PC or laptop. In some situations it is possible to do the BlueTooth adapters that are present in some laptops and almost all mobile phones. Read the user manual to your mobile phone. Make sure that it supports the tethering function.
To Refine information, visit the official website of the manufacturer of this model mobile phone. Configure the connection to the Internet on a mobile phone. If you can't do it yourself, follow the advice of experts of the technical support of your operator.
Download the program that's right for your model cell phone, which will allow to provide reliable communication of mobile device with PC or laptop. Here is a list of the most popular programs: Samsung PC Studio, Nokia PC Suit Sony Ericsson PC Suit.
Install the chosen program and run it. Locate the main menu item "Connecting to Internet" and open it. Go to "settings". Fill in the required fields of this menu therefore as you did when entering the settings in mobile phone. Ie you have must be identical to the following items: username, password, point access, the data transfer channel.
Pay attention to the last paragraph. If your carrier and mobile phone support 3G network, it is recommended to use it. Click the "finish" button after completing settings.
The program will re-open the menu "Connect to Internet". Click "Connect". Wait for input validation and authorization on the server of the operator.
Do not close the program window, only minimize it. Otherwise, you will break the connection to the Internet.