Learn from the instruction to your phone whether it supports the GPRS, EDGE or 3G, and whether he is able to work through the access point (APN) for Internet, not WAP. If not complied with at least one of these conditions, change the model to another - not necessarily the most modern, but, at least, meet these requirements.
If you got your SIM card recently, the service packet data especially do not need to connect because it is already connected. If you use a card received long ago, will have to call support and ask them to connect it. The subscription fee is not charged.
Look in the phone memory ready the Internet settings for your operator. Before you go on the Internet with these settings, check them the value of entry field "APN" or "access Point". The string must begin with "internet" and not "wap". In some phones for each operator offers two options - choose the one that meets this criteria.
In the absence in the memory of ready-made presets again, call support. Let not only the name of the manufacturer and model of the device and request the message with the Internet settings (but not WAP - emphasize this). After receiving the message, open it, then enter the code "1234" and if it does not fit is "12345". When the settings are stored, check whether they match the criteria specified in the previous step.
In case, if you configure the phone is not managed by any of these methods, enter the settings manually. Complete the fields as follows: for MTS - access point, username and password of mts, "Beeline" access point the username and password, beeline, MegaFon - internet access point, username and password gdata. Leave the other fields unchanged, with one exception: if there is a field to select the options "CSD" and "Packet data", make sure that you selected the second.
At the regional operator's website find out how much it costs in your area unlimited data plan with the phone. If the price suits you, find the team on the site to connect to, and enter it into the phone. Note that pay may be not only the service itself, but its initial activation, so do not make it to disconnect and reconnect too often - most likely, it will be cheaper to keep it connected constantly. To connect the Internet at once, and only the next day.
After saving the settings, restart the phone. Run the built-in browser of the phone and try to access any site. Then quit the browser, call support and ask which access point is used just. If the consultant will say that is intended for Internet, not WAP, it's all right. Immediately download the browsers Opera Mini and UC - they the firmware. In the application settings, specify the correct access point for them.