Go through the activation procedure, which starts immediately after the first launch of the tablet. Usually it consists of several actions, namely configure the current date and time, user name and personal data, network selection to connect to the Internet, and other parameters. If you prefer to skip this procedure, a reminder about it in the future may from time to time appear on the home screen.
Go to the tablet preferences, if the activation process is not started automatically. Select the appropriate menu option and complete the activation. Please note that in some cases, successful completion of the procedure, you must first configure the Internet connection, because the data was on the device go to the website of the developer. Subsequently, when you encounter various issues developers will receive the appropriate report and promptly to help in fixing them.
Update the software of your device via the settings menu. This is an important step, without which the activation will be incomplete or never even begin. This process may take several minutes, after which the device will restart.
Visit the official site of the vendor of the tablet and read the information about device registration. Usually the user needs to go through a short process of obtaining a username and password, after which it gets access to the personal account.
To be able to make purchases in the online store the developer using a special app (Apple and Android) you need to obtain your ID number and specify payment information. This procedure also starts automatically after the first turn on the device, or is launched through the settings menu.