How to connect mobile Internet MegaFon by phone

To connect unlimited Internet, if your operator is MegaFon, simply.

To determine the rate, go to the website select your region and find the description of tariff plans for unlimited Internet.

When choosing guided by the volume of traffic included in the package, and the cost of the service. If you like to travel, you should pay attention to the tariff throughout Russia, as well as options that allow you to go online abroad.

By choosing a tariff, you can connect online through your personal account, as well as with special teams. The combination of numbers you see next to the desired rate. It is also possible to send the message.

If you find it difficult to deal with connection of unlimited Internet Megaphone on the phone yourself, call the operator at the toll-free hotline number 0500 or contact with the passport service offices. The company's specialists will help you choose and access services.

How to connect Internet Megaphone on the tablet

If your tablet have a SIM card, and you want to plug it unlimited Internet from a Megaphone, you need to purchase a card in any salon, and insert it into the device. As a rule, when selling SIM cards, employees of shops connected the Internet on their own, but if that happens, you can do this by using the above methods.

If the tablet is no connector for a SIM card, but there is a USB port, you can connect through the modem. This requires all the de SIM card with Internet connection.

But even if you can not connect using the USB or SIM card, do not despair. To connect to unlimited Internet Megaphone through wi-fi. For this you need to enable the service on your mobile and make it the transmitting device. To do this in the phone settings you need to enable modem mode. The device connects wirelessly via wi-fi.

How to connect unlimited Internet from a Megaphone on a PC or laptop

To connect the Internet on PC or laptop is also using a USB modem with a SIM card MegaFon, or via wifi from other device. Transmitting device can be a phone, tablet or other laptop. The connection is made to the above-described methods.