Inserting the SIM

For a 3G connection on your tablet you first need to install the SIM card of the mobile operator, ie to connect the device to the network. This card can be purchased in phone stores. SIM card is installed in the appropriate connector on the tablet in accordance with the instructions for use of the device. Many modern devices are equipped with slots for micro-SIM, and therefore before purchasing a card specify its format. If the device does not have a connector for a SIM card, so it does not support data transfer over a cellular communication channel and to configure 3G on it is impossible.
Modern tablets automatically tune the mobile Internet immediately after installation of the SIM card.

To apply the changes you need to restart the tablet computer, and then activate the packet data. For devices based on Android enable 3G is done via menu by sliding the top panel down with your finger. Mobile data connection can be configure via the menu item "Settings" - "Wireless network" - "Mobile communications". Among the list of available options select "data Transfer". Optionally disable Wi-Fi to activate the network operator. If you're using an iPad, enable 3G automatically when not connected to Wi-Fi. To disable this type of data by going to "Settings" on the desktop iOS.

Manual tuning

If after installing the SIM card the Internet is still not working, check the settings of the modem shown in the system. In Android again, go to option "Mobile connection" - "access Point". Create a new APN and enter the settings for the Internet provided by your network operator. For iPad this menu item is located under "Settings" - "Cellular data" - "APN setting". After making the settings, make sure that "Cellular data" is enabled.
To get the desired settings you can use the official website of the cellular company, or call the office on work with clients the operator to specify the desired parameters.

Reboot your tablet to apply the desired settings and try to connect to the Internet using the built-in browser of your device. Configuration of 3G is complete. In that case, if after configuring the settings, the Internet still does not work, contact the support service of the operator to resolve problems with the functioning of the data network.