Connect the SIM card to iPad

To настроить3д on your iPad, primarily you will need a SIM card. You should note that the tablets from Apple support the format micro-SIM, which is somewhat different from those used in older mobile phones. If desired, it is possible to trim the classic SIM card, but in this case, there is a risk of damaging it. Now micro-SIM cards are in all shops, so you better go there.

So, you have chosen the appropriate tariff and purchased a SIM card of desired size. It's time to connect it to your tablet. For many, this is the hardest stage. This will require some dexterity.

If you lost the key, it can replace any clip.

When you opened a box of newly purchased tablet, you've probably noticed a strange device in a separate bag. As if it's stranded wire with a sharp end. It is called the key and will be useful for us to connect SIM cards.

We need to find a socket for a SIM card in our iPad. Take the tablet and rotate it in a horizontal position. On the one side, there will be a button control sound volume. And on the other, directly opposite, and the socket is located. If you look carefully, you will see a little hole.

In this hole you need to thrust the key with the pointy end. This should be done sharply. Then POPs out a small compartment, where you need to catch with your fingernail and pull it through. It's not the most comfortable procedure, but this is the price for the thinness of the device.

Pulling a compartment for a SIM card, you will immediately see there is a hole where you want to put it. After that, you will just have to stick compartment installed in his SIM card back.

Connection, activation and network configuration will happen automatically. You just have to wait for the coveted 3g icon in the upper left corner of the screen of the tablet. Then you can use the Internet. Most importantly do not forget to pay it.

Additional setup 3g on iPad

Encourage you to make additional settings. This should go to the device settings and choose there the item "mobile data". If you don't want to connect to the Internet via 3g, you can disable cellular data by tapping on the corresponding button in the settings. In this case, the Internet can be reached only via wifi.

Don't forget about the "data Roaming". With its help, you will be able to prohibit the expenditure of mobile roaming charges. In any case, abroad is better to completely turn off cellular data if you don't want to pay for Internet in roaming. You can also just disable data roaming as a service, if it allows your mobile operator.

Tablet can use the traffic itself as it constantly syncs with a variety of Internet services.

Also in the settings you can look at the volume of traffic consumed by different applications on your tablet.