Unlock the tablet and use the "Settings" button in the main menu to access the connection settings. In the appeared menu, select "Wireless & networks" - "Mobile network".
Check the box next to "data Transfer" to enable the connection of cellular networks 3G.
Install the modem into the USB port of the tablet. On most devices use the output of mini or micro USB. To install the modem, you may need to connect the special adapter that you can buy in the store cellular phones, accessories and computer accessories. Connect the adapter to the port of the tablet and the other end of the wire install the USB modem.
Wait until the device will be determined in the system then you will see the 3G icon at the top of the screen. Go to "access Point APN" to add a new setting for a modem. Select "New access point".
Enter the data of your operator, which can be specified in the instructions for use of the modem. Also some settings can be activated automatically if your modem is locked. Check parameters. Especially important are the fields APN, "username", "Password".
For "Beeline" point APN is For MTS, specify the parameter and for "MegaFon" just enter the value of the internet. The user name will match the name of your operator in Latin (mts or beeline). For "the Megaphone" enter the user name gdata. The password to access the network the same name as the user. In the MCC field, enter the parameter 250. If you are using MTS, for the value of MNC enter 01, for "MegaFon" - 99, and "Beeline" - 02.
Save your changes and wait a few seconds to apply the settings. If all parameters were entered correctly, after entering the programme "Browser" you will be able to view pages on the Internet.