Read the instructions to your mobile device. This is necessary in order to choose the right Wi-Fi router (router) to work. They must be compatible with your computer.
Choose your Wi-Fi router in accordance with the characteristics specified in the user manual of your existing laptop, tablet, netbook, etc. See instructions "Wireless", "Internet" or "Wireless adapters".
Install Wi-Fi router according to the instructions included with the device. Connect it to the mains.
Connect your existing cable to the Internet Jack to the WAN (DSL) or Internet (depending on router model). These connectors are on the device. Turn on your computer. Connect the network card device with the router by plugging the appropriate cable into the Ethernet connector (LAN) the Wi-Fi router.
Start the web browser. Open the instruction manual for the equipment purchased and find the IP address of Wi-Fi router. Enter this address in the browser the input field of the web addresses. Wait until there will be a log in to the web interface of the device and select Internet Setup.
Fill in all the necessary items on this menu, putting in the mandatory your username and password provided to you to log in to the network provider. Enable NAT and DHCP. Save all changes.
Go to creating your own access point Wi-Fi. Navigate to the Wireless Setup. Set the name (SSID) and password (password) of your wireless access point. Select from the list of types of data encryption one that matches your notebook, or other mobile device.
Save your settings by clicking on OK or Save (depending on software). Restart Wi-Fi router by pressing the corresponding button on the device panel or by switching off the router from the power supply (depending on model).Turn on the device.
Open the laptop, netbook or other mobile device the list of available wireless networks. Select your created a point of access.