All connection settings HTC change the Settings of the device. Access to it can be carried out via the corresponding icon in the main menu of the device. Click on gear icon in menu and then on "Wireless communication".
Select Wi-Fi to use the connection for a wireless high speed data. In the screen that appears, move the slider to the Wi-Fi in the "on" position and wait until the display is available for connection networks.
Select the appropriate access point, the password for which you have. You can also use the free access points. Once the password is entered, you will see the appropriate icon for the Wi-Fi connection at the top of the notification system.
To configure a mobile data network using a SIM card of your operator, go to section "Settings" - "Wireless connection" under "Mobile networks" - "access Points to the Internet." Most major mobile operators are already in the list of proposed access points, and therefore you will only need to activate only the item that corresponds to the name of your operator.
After the changes, wait about 15-20 seconds for the phone to updated network data, and then perform the access to the desired web page, returning to the main menu and selecting the program from the Browser for Internet browsing. Enter any website address and confirm.
Wait until you see the resource pages on the smartphone screen. If all settings were done correctly, Internet setup is complete and you will see the appropriate website. If in the process of changing options something went wrong, call the helpdesk of your mobile operator to receive automatic settings for your phone.
You may need to manually make Internet settings for your phone. To do this, click "access Points" click on the option "Add" and create a new connection in accordance with parameters that told you your network provider.