Advice 1: How to enable Internet on your phone

The simple smartphone user without prior manual configuration of Internet connection on Android can either completely missing the Internet, or its ability can be used at full capacity, for example, if the operating mode is set to 2G, while the mobile operator allows you to work in higher-performance networks.
How to enable Internet on your phone

How to configure Internet on your smartphone with Android OS

So the first thing you need to know for manual configuration of the Internet — is operator, network type, which it supports at the current rate and the data for the subsequent introduction of the APN, namely, the operator settings for manual configuration of Internet and MMS messages.

The choice of the mobile operator and the type of Internet connection should not cause any difficulties, but with the APN settings, you may be not going smoothly. If there are problems with them, you must go to the official website of the mobile operator, select the current rate and find the links to manually configure the Internet connection.

To configure the Internet automatically, you have in menu "Settings" switch to tab "Wireless", then select the item "Mobile networks" then select your operator. After a few seconds of processing, the Internet settings and MMS support should be added to the menu "access Point to the Internet". Then you only have to go to this menu item, check and activate the settings responsible for the Internet.

Configure Internet connection for advanced users

For this strategy to work, you need to check the APN on any settings with the presence of the operator name and the type of Internet. If those settings really are already in the list of APN settings, it is likely that one of them is the desired type of the Internet.

To activate a particular type of settings, simply go to the menu Point "Internet access" and the right side of the screen to activate one of the inactive ticks, each of which is responsible for those or other settings.

Sometimes after buying a new Android smartphone or after you connect to a new operator comes SMS-the message with a ready-made setting for all kind of Internet networking or multimedia support that can be used at the current rate.

You should also know

Also an important point when adjusting is to choose the type of Internet connection. You can select it in the menu "Mobile networks" — where are APN settings. If the fare only works with GSM networks, not select the mode of 3G or above, since this can significantly affect the consumption of battery resources.

In addition, in this sub-menu you can disable automatic roaming, which is needed only for using the Internet abroad. Much better would be to include it a manual connection, as if the phone connects to Internet in roaming traffic will be charged at highly inflated rates.

Advice 2 : How to connect a laptop to the Internet via smartphone

The main part of modern mobile phones, smartphones and communicators has functions modem. This means that these devices can be a link between the computer and the Internet.
How to connect a laptop to the Internet via smartphone
You will need
  • - USB cable.
Connect the mobile computer to the world wide web via a smartphone are two common ways. You can use the usual cable connection or BlueTooth. The first option has the obvious advantage: most phones can be recharged through USB cable. Select the program through which you will sync the laptop with the smartphone.
Typically, these programs are available on the official websites of mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have created a very similar utility called PC Suite. Download appropriate software and install it.
Restart the computer and start PC Suite. Connect your smartphone to the laptop, using the cable in a specific format. Wait until the launched program will detect your mobile phone.
Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the Internet. To do this, run the built-in browser and try to open an arbitrary web page. Return to utility PC Suite. Open the menu "Connect to Internet" and click "Configure".
Complete the menu. Specify the connection settings that are recommended to use your mobile operator. Click "Connect" and wait until the phone has connected to the server. Open the Internet browser on the laptopand e check the connection to the Internet.
If you want to use BlueTooth, then enable this feature in the smartphone. Make sure that the device is available for connection to external devices. Search for BlueTooth devices with the laptopand connect to your smartphone. Start PC Suite and wait for the connection. Repeat the Internet settings and connect to the network. Check periodically the battery level of the smartphone.

Advice 3 : How to use the Internet through the computer

Many users already know how to connect fixed or mobile computer to the Internet using a mobile phone. But not everyone knows that this function works in the opposite direction.
How to use the Internet through the computer
You will need
  • Wi-Fi adapter.
It is best to use to connect to the Internet Wi-Fi channel. This is because this type of connection allows to achieve high speed data transmission. Purchase a Wi-Fi module and connect it to the stationary computer.
If you have a laptop, an additional adapter can not be used. The exception is the situation when the mobile computer receives Internet access wirelessly. Connect the cable provider to the computerand configure the connection to the Internet.
Update the software to manage the wireless adapter. You absolutely do not have to create a full access point. Enough so that the adapter worked in the "Computer-computer".
Select "control Center network and sharing". Access to it can be accessed through the control panel or the networking icon located in the tray. Click on the link "Manage wireless networks".
Let us configure a new connection by clicking the "Add" button. In the first dialog box click on "Create a network the computer-computer". After the transition to the new menu, click "Next".
Fill out the opened form. Pay attention to the fact that in this case you can connect only one device to used Wi-Fi adapter. This means that if you select "No authentication", you are no risk.
Click "Next" and select "Connect". After creating your network, activate Wi-Fi module of the mobile phone and connect to your wireless network. In the phone settings, select the connection the main channel of access to the Internet.
Open shared Wi-Fi networks in the settings of the computer. Restart the connection to the Internet.
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