If you don't have a phone with Wi-Fi interface, purchase it. This feature is equipped with almost all the smartphones of the middle class, released after 2008. Much you can save by buying a used machine. Even if the smartphone is too expensive for you, fit a single-tasking keyboard the Nokia C3.
Run the installed on phone web browsers that you intend to use to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Locate the menu item that allows you to select the access point (APN). For example, in UCWEB: Settings - Preferences - Default APN. Select search for wireless networks (in UCWEB: Search for WLAN). Save the settings.
If you are going to connect to their own home Wi-Fi router, enter in the address bar of the browser the URL of any website, and then automatically starts scanning for wireless networks. Choose among them, if necessary, enter the password to access it. Soon the page loads.
To connect to the access point Beeline Wi-Fi, for example, in a cafe, first run the built-in browser of the phone. It will also enable the search for wireless networks. When you receive the list, select the Beeline Wi-Fi Free. The password is not required. Enter any address, regardless of it will go to the special page to gain access to the network. Scroll down to the end and hit the bottom button. Wait for the message about the successful connection. Now, without closing the built-in browser, run through a third-party app (Opera Mini, UCWEB, etc.) and get to the Internet through it. The phone needs to multitask, otherwise quite inconvenient to use the built-in browser will have to view the sites.
Ending the session and disconnected from the wireless network, reconfigure the phone so that he could again connect to the network via the cellular network.